40 Interesting Facts and Trivia About XXXTentacion

Today, in this post, we are going to tell you some of the most interesting facts about XXXTentacion. From XXXTentacion facts and trivia, you will know lots about his life, career, love affairs, and death.

XXXTentacion was a famous American rapper and songwriter. Apart from being a rapper, he was also controversial. He was known for his controversial lyrics and persona, but he also had a large and dedicated fan base. Lots of people love him because of his music and songs, but there are also lots of people who hate him.

As we all know, every good person has something bad. If we keep their bad personalities apart, lots of things automatically become good. Read this facts about xxxtentacion as information and don’t relate it to someone’s personality or past.

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A)- XXXTentacion Interesting Facts, Trivia and Information

1- XXXTentacion’s real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy.

2- Jahseh Dwayne was born on 23 January, 1998 in  Florida, U.S.

3- His parents are Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy (father) and Cleopatra Bernard (mother). His father is Jamaican, and his mother is American.

4- His father named him “Jahseh” from the inspiring Bob Marley song “So Jah Seh”.

5- He was born with a heart condition known as ventricular septal defect (VSD), which is mainly known as ‘Hole in the heart.” Due to this, he never grew taller than 5 feet 6 inches.

6- at the age of 17, he changed his legal name from Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy to XXXTentacion in 2016.

7- His name “XXXTentacion” was a combination of “XXX,” representing his past struggles, and “Tentacion,” the Spanish word for “temptation.”

8- He changed his name to start a new chapter of his life because his past was full of controversial things.

9- XXXTentacion had a toxic relationship with his father because his father used to beat him as a child & sometimes also tried to beat her mother in front of him.

10- he is also known by his nicknames like X, XXX, Triple X, Jah, and Young Dagger D*ck.

11- XXXTentacion posthumously received several awards, including the American Music Award for Favorite Album: Soul/R&B for “17” and the BET Hip Hop Award for Best New Hip Hop Artist in 2018.

12- He also won the Billboard Music Award for Top Streaming Song (Audio) for “SAD!” in 2019.

13- XXXTentacion also had an official website, which is xxxtentacion.com.

14- His official YouTube channel was named “XXXTENTACION.” Which was created in 23 June, 2015 and has 39.4 million subscribers.

15- He had an estimated net worth of $5 million at the time of his death.

B)- Educational Facts

16- XXXTentacion did not have a formal education beyond high school.

17- He attended Piper High School in Pompano Beach, Florida, but dropped out in the 10th grade.

C)- XXXTentacion Career-Related Facts and Trivia

18- XXXTentacion was a self-taught musician and artist.

19- He often regarded for his musical versatility. He experimented with a variety of genres, including emo, trap, lo-fi, indie rock, punk rock, nu metal, and hip hop.

20- He started his music career by uploading his songs on SoundCloud.

21- XXXTentacion’s music was controversial, and he was often criticised for his violent lyrics and behaviour.

22- On 30 December, 2015, he premiered his first breakthrough single “Look at Me”, on SoundCloud. Which reached 34 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

23- His Sound Cloud account name was “jahseh-onfroy.” Which was created in March 2014.

24- He had a short musical career due to his sudden death; he was active from 2013 to 2018.

XXXTentacion Albums

25- During his career, XXXTentacion has released 4 studio albums, 2 EPs, and 3 mixtapes.

26- On 25 August, 2017, he released his first studio album, “17,” under the label of Bad Vibes Forever & Empire Distribution.

27- His first album was only 22 minutes long and consisted of only three songs, which are “Revenge”, “Jocelyn Flores”, and “F-ck Love”.

28- “17” reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and was certified double platinum by the RIAA.

29- XXXTentacion second album “?” was released on 16 March, 2018, just 2 months before his death.

30- His second album was 37:27 minutes long and also consisted of only three songs.

31- The RIAA awarded the album “?” a Diamond certification; it was also nominated for a Grammy Award in 2019 for Best Rap Album.

32- His second album’s lead song, “Sad” had 1.3 billion views on YouTube & streamed around 10 billion times on Spotify.

33- His two albums, Skins (December 7, 2018) and Bad Vibes Forever (January 23, 2019), were released posthumously.

D)- XXXTentacion relationship and marriage facts

34- XXXTentacion was not married, but he was in a few relationships before his death.

35- His most publicised relationship was with Geneva Ayala, whom he met in 2014. Their relationship ended in 2016.

36- Before his death, he was in a relationship with Jenesis Sanchez.

37- After his death, Jenesis revealed that she was pregnant with Onfroy’s child & later gave birth to their son, “Gekyume Onfroy.”

E)- XXXTentacion Facts about his Death

38- He was tragically shot and killed on June 18, 2018, in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

39- XXXTentacion was just 20 years old at the time of his death.

40- He was killed by two armed robbers who tried to steal a small Louis Vuitton bag containing $50,000 in cash.

I hope these XXXTentacion facts and trivia will help you know more about the late American rapper. For more such posts, follow this blog.

Note: This information is collected from various websites and may vary. (Do your own research if you have any doubts.)

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