XXXTentacion Short Biography, Marriage and Net Worth

XXXTentacion is a rapper who lived a short life but made a big impact on the music industry. His songs were emotionally charged and mainly dealt with the struggles of his life.

He is considered the most influential artist in emo rap. His music was influenced by dark and introspective themes, which often dealt with depression, anxiety, and suicide.

Today, we are sharing XXXTentacion short biography to give you more information about his life. Biography of XXXTentacion is all about his journey to success, struggles, legal troubles, and relationships.

XXXTentacion Short Biography, Marriage and Net Worth

XXXTentacion Early Life Story

He was born Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy on January 23, 1998. He was an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. XXXTentacion made a significant impact on the music industry with his songs and rapping style, leaving behind a complex legacy.

He gained fame through his unique blend of hip-hop, punk, and emo music, as well as his controversial personality.

He was born to Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy and Cleopatra Eretha Dreena Bernard. His parents were Jamaicans. His name “Jahseh” was inspired by the Bob Marley song “So Jah Seh”.

His childhood was marred by issues like parental discord and frequent relocations. Due to his mother’s personal issues, his upbringing was done under the care of his grandmother, Collette Jones, in Pompano Beach, Florida.

At the age of six, XXXTentacion witnessed a violent crime that left a lasting impression on him. He later described seeing someone being physically tortured and someone being raped. These experiences contributed to his growing sense of alienation and anger.

His father used to beat him routinely, and he also tried to beat her mother in front of him. His father was jailed for 9 years when XXXTentacion was ten years old. 

He became interested in music during his school years, but at the time, his behaviour in school became increasingly violent. He was involved in multiple physical altercations and was eventually expelled from Margate Middle School. 

Later, he was enrolled in Sheridan House, where he began listening to rap, nu metal, and hard rock, and he developed a passion for writing lyrics and playing the piano and guitar.

Due to his behaviour and interest in music, he dropped out of high school in the tenth grade and never pursued higher education.

XXXTentacion career 

XXXTentacion started his career by uploading his soundtracks to a popular music platform called SoundCloud. His first song on SoundCloud was “Vice City.” It was uploaded on March 7, 2014.

XXXTentacion gained widespread recognition and popularity on the platform in 2016, after the release of “Look at Me.” The song’s aggressive, distorted sound and controversial lyrics sparked both acclaim and criticism, but it undeniably established him as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop world. His songs greatly influenced the younger generation.

In 2017, XXXTentacion released his first studio album, “17”. His album included tracks that explored themes of mental health, heartbreak, and introspection. Some notable songs from the album include “Jocelyn Flores,” “Save Me,” and “F*ck Love,” featuring Trippie Redd.

After the release of his first album, XXXTentacion stated that “the album is primarily made for those who suffer from depression.” It debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 87,000 units. His album got a double platinum certification from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

After the success of his first album, xxxtentacion released his second studio album  “?” (question mark), on March 16, 2018. Some notable tracks from the album include “SAD!” “Moonlight,” “Changes,” and “Jocelyn Flores.”

The album received both positive and mixed reviews from critics but was commercially successful. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart and sold over 131,000 album-equivalent units, marking XXXTentacion first number-one album in the United States.

The album got a quintuple platinum certification from the RIAA. After a few months of releasing his second album, XXXTentacion was shot dead by two robbers. Later in 2018, his 3rd album, “Skins,” was released posthumously.

“Skins” was released on December 7, 2018 under Bad Vibes Forever and Empire Distribution. It is XXXTentacion’s third studio album and the first posthumous one. The album includes tracks that showcase his eclectic musical style and features a relatively short runtime.

Some of the notable songs from “Skins” include “BAD!” “Guardian Angel,” and “One Minute,” featuring Kanye West. Since its release, the album has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and sold over 500,000 units in the United States.

In 2019, his 2nd posthumously released album, ‘Bad Vibes Forever’, also featured unreleased material and collaborations from XXXTentacion’s extensive catalog.

Throughout his career, XXXTentacion faced legal issues, including charges related to domestic violence. These controversies added a layer of complexity to his public image, leading to both criticism and support from various quarters. Despite the legal challenges, XXXTentacion remained a polarising figure in the music industry.

Marriage and Children

He did not marry, but he had several relationships during his life. His personal life was marked by violence and abuse. XXXTentacion’s most highlighted relationship was with Geneva Ayala.

She has accused XXXTentacion of physically and emotionally abusing her during their relationship. He was also linked to other women, including model and Instagram star Malu Trevejo and musician and YouTuber Samantha Hudson.

In 2017, he started dating Jenesis Sanchez. After the death of XXXTentacion, Jenesis revealed that she was pregnant with his child. On June 25, 2018, she gave birth to a baby boy, whose name is Gekyume Onfroy. 


On June 18, 2018, XXXTentacion was fatally shot during a robbery in Deerfield Beach, Florida, at the age of 20. His untimely death sent shockwaves through the music industry and among his dedicated fan base. 

Net Worth

During his short musical career, he earned money through record sales, concerts, and brand endorsements. At the time of his death, XXXTentacion had a wealth of $5 million.

Music Legacy and Influence

As we all know, his life revolved around controversies and violence, but despite all that, he made a major impact on the music industry. Through his deep and meaningful songs, he dealt with sensitive topics like depression, suicide, and mental issues.

His legacy lives on through his music, which continues to resonate with listeners grappling with issues of mental health and personal struggles.

I hope this short life story of XXXTentacion will give you a proper understanding about his life and career. To read more biographies of famous people follow this blog.

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